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The first thing to do when troubleshooting, and something you should do every time you create a cluster is to run the Validate tool.

To run cluster validation: If you cannot successfully create a cluster after all your validation tests are passing, the next step is to examine the Create file.

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The error you’ll see in the Distribution Point Configuration Status overview is “Failed to validate content hash”.Review for more information about this failure.” So far it all sounds easy, and when we look at we do indeed see an error, 0x80070002 and the package ID in question.When we look up the package ID on the site server, it doesn’t exist.The cluster log can be generated even when the cluster creation fails by specifying the node to collect the log on.You can generate the cluster log using the Failover Clustering Windows Power Shell® cmdlet Get-Cluster Log : The default verbosity level for the cluster log is 3.

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